Dear Friend, Evolution is Impossible.

Dear Friend !
There is nothing for me that sound harsh in your statements. So far there is nothing in science that can disapprove what is in the Bible. Red light shift, colliders and all other stuff invented and discovered by human is only a proof of the statement in the Bible that we are created as an image of God. The complexity and great variation of creation is the proof for me, that nothing evolved from a pond somewhere. Does the material own an ability to organize itself? No, no. For ex. we know that the nature is a perfect cycle that goes around by itself with no need of human intervention and we know that neither human or the animals themselves have given each other their habits and instincts what to chase. Animals cannot planify and construct a natural cycle working by its own. There is a creator behind who has created this order.
Many agree on the idea that the possibility that the order of everything that exists in the nature, millions of species of insects, birds, variations of seashells, flowers and beneficial and curing plants for the human in the nature would not come from a bacteria or pond. The possibility would be as small as destroying a keypad or dictionary and then expecting the keys or pages in the book to come together in a perfect order. The evolution theory includes species of animals and sorts of semi-human monkeys that it pretends to have existed. However none of these so called species between of what exists to day, have ever been found. In some cases scientists holding on to the evolution theory have pretended, but what have been found is just an ordinary bone construction of an orang-utan or a chimpanzee. Further, a scientist looks at the world through his coloured glasses as well as other people do. Not all of them are honest.
Do you really call millions of Christian believers as superstitious? I speak as a Christian believer now. Please, don’t mix religion and relation. Christian faith is a relation (with God) and not a religion. It is well experienced personally by millions of Christian people the latest 2000 years. Today, these Christians are found both in RICH and in poor countries. Then we know that human beings create culture, have political, philosophical and cultural ideas and wants keep to some traditions, which they wish to hold on too. Then there are people who mix these ideas with Christianity and create a sort of religious behaviour upon the Christian faith. Nevertheless, please note again that Christianity in its essence is not a religion in itself. Most Christians are not religious in their behaviour or belief.
Many non-believers or confused people have difficulties in making the difference. (Personally, I have no problems in making the difference after having studied social and cultural anthropology, religious studies, the Bible, history, religious studies, communication, civilisations etc. a part from other studies)  Then there are other belief systems, which we can categorise as religions, which include ridiculous elements putting humans under slavery like conditions. I am not very interested in these religions after having studied them enough and seen what they do to society.
Let us consider one of your statements:
 You ought to admit that believing in god makes it fantastically easy to acquire knowledge. You believe something and you are done. Science has to proof their points and try to make sense out of their discoveries. That is quite hard and time consuming. That might explain why religion remains in mostly poor countries.”
This statement is primitive, prejudicial and shows a large gap of ignorance from your part. There are people who are interested in or work with science, Christian believers and non-believers as well as those who do not deal with science in both categories. Indeed, there are Christian believers who do not know that much about science, but whether they know or not millions of Christians around the world can testify about miracles and concrete prayer answers from God. (So can I) Why would these people cheat themselves? Personally, I wouldn’t as most Christians I know. They question their own faith. Besides, there are more and more persons turning towards the Christian belief around the world, but many ordinary Europeans do not know this for ex. since they really do not know what is happening in the world. Many realities are not told in the media and is not revealed by governments due to the persecution of Christians etc.
Furthermore, my experience after having discussed with evolutionists and atheists is that they quite often are really fanatics and all fanatics are all more or less victims of brainwashing. Many of them wants to hold on to biased points of views and theories excluding the existence of God.
Finally, concerning science, it is worth to mention in this context  two starwitnesses -the first and second law of thermodynamics. These natural laws forbid spontaneous evolution. These laws are well known since 250 years and not any one has discovered any fault in these natural laws…
As I mentioned you in an earlier writing, many people choose to not believe in God and therefore refuse to consider the question of our existence from another angle than the one excluding the existence of God. In your case I would do a more objective research if really you are open minded and challenging yourself instead of challenging me personally.
There is, as the Bible says, a sort of wisdom hidden from those who consider themselves intelligent, but it is revealed to others. You might enjoy throwing out your statements, but personally i don’t enjoy dealing with primitive thinking and i don’t gain anything from it.
Science falsely so called – evolution – is like a man with a die standing in Ystad (S Sweden) His aim is to reach Haparanda in N. Sweden, a distance of 2000 km. If he gets one with the die he takes one step forward – with two one step backwards – three one step to left – four one step to right – 5 and 6 he stands still. He will never come to Haparanda – 10 billion years do not help him! That is what evolution is.
Sincerely yours Eliza and Kauko.


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