A Memory.

Sisi with elder sister and puppy.

Little Sisi.
A Short True Story.
She had so a difficult name so I called her only as Sisi. I met this little girl first time when I moved to my hotelroom in Begi. Begi was a small town in western Ethiopia and my task was to build a small hospital in the vicinity.
The day after I had occupied my room with earth floor Sisi stod in the door opening together with her elder sister looking curiously what I did.
”Ferengi!”, she commented my appearance – foreigner.
”Sinte amet nou?”, I asked on her own language and she pointed up 3 fingers aided by elder sister.
She was dressed in old dirty bluish dress. Barefoot and a yellow thin scarf around her small head. Her only property was eternal and spiritual. Joy, innocent curiousity and friendship toward all she met. She was not spoilt and without prejudice toward others. Born to a cruel world.  I liked this little girl from the first very moment.
One day keys and some cents rattled in my pocket. Sisi spontaneously putted her small hand in the pocket fishing up some small coins looking in my eyes. I gave the coins to her. Finally this became a habit and I cared for to always have some coins in my pocket and Sisi putted her small hand as usually in the pocket. I had no idea what she did with the coins. Probably she gave them to her  mom to by Teff for baking bread. But, anyhow, our friendship was uncomplicated and natural.
Some days Sisi had a puppy with her. This little dog had very dirty ears so I cleansed them. Thereafter i got a new faithful friend. The puppy waited every day outside and followed me halfway on mornings when going to the buildingsite.
I loved these kids so much! So much!
The building was now nearly finished. During several days Sisi was disappeared. The reason to that I did not know untill the day her older sister came and told that Sisi had died! A chocking message – so chocking that my eyes was not dry for a long time after.
Although it’s many years ago I remember Sisi often.
My hope is that Sisi thinks about me sometimes.
My dear friend. Sisi is now in heaven. No more suffering.
But also, dear reader, I want to remind you that here in the wellfare country Sweden children suffers from other kind of health problems…


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